What Do You Do With Your Journals?

An interesting blog about journaling…
I started journaling consistently from about the age of 12. So much of it is “narcissistic drivel” and much of it is downright embarrassing. I’m not sure some entries are the way I would want to be remembered after I’m gone. But at times, my journal was my lifeline. It helped me work through a lot of dark moments.

I love what Kristen Fairgrieve said in her comment on this blog: “Our husbands [and her kids] wouldn’t understand that things written in there were simply how we felt at that specific moment, and didn’t define how we felt about our lives and relationships as a whole.” I think this is important to keep in mind and yet I wouldn’t burn the entries of those dark moments because that would leave an incomplete portrait of who I am (or, was.)

As another commenter said, I would have loved to read journals from my grandparents to learn more about their lives. As unflattering as some of my journals may be, I think I will keep them for my children or grandchildren to read someday if they choose to.

Do you journal? What will you do with your journals?

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