5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer

If you own or manage a business, chances are, you wear many hats. Marketing is an important part of generating and maintaining business that can fall by the wayside when things get busy and other projects take priority.

Even if your company has an in-house marketing person or team, your staff may be juggling multiple projects while managing their emails, attending meetings and other day-to-day tasks.

As a freelance writer, I offer my services to businesses large and small, creating content for their blogs, email campaigns, and other marketing materials.

Why hire a freelance writer?

There are many advantages to outsourcing your writing projects. Here are a few reasons why partnering with a freelancer is a smart business decision.

5 Reasons WhyHiring a Freelance WriterIs ASmart Business Decision

  1. Affordability – As your business grows, you may need help taking on tasks. One of the biggest benefits of working with a writer on a freelance basis is, you only pay for the services you need when you need them. If you don’t have the budget for an in-house writer, working with a freelancer is a cost-effective option.
  2. Flexibility –  A freelancer can help out on a single project or on an ongoing basis, acting as an extended member of your marketing/communications team without the commitment of a full-time salary and benefits.
  3. Time Savings  – Time is something that many businesses owners and busy marketing directors may not have much of to spare. If you need to market your business but don’t have the time to dedicate to quality writing, a freelancer can  handle projects for you, freeing you and your team members up to focus on other tasks.
  4. Quality and Creativity – Anyone can write, right? Not so. Good writing is about more than just sounding good. A good writer is an expert at crafting effective messages that also get results for you. Marketing writing requires creativity and strategic thinking, which a professional writer can provide.
  5. Fresh Perspective – An “outsider” may approach a project with a fresh perspective compared to in-house staff. A freelancer brings diverse experience that they can draw on, offering new insights into your marketing plan.

A freelance writer can help your business by offering their expertise to make your company and your brand look good.


Is your business in need of a reliable freelance writer to help with marketing projects? Visit my website to find out how I can help! 

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer

  1. Love your thoughts. I may be a little bit biased being a freelance writer and all, but hiring a great writer is a worthwhile investment. And, as you said, that outside perspective on your brand can really help bring your overall message together and result in a much stronger marketing effort.

    Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

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