5 Gift Ideas for Writers You can Still Get in Time for Christmas

There are only a few more shopping days until Christmas! If you still need a gift for the literary lover in your life, here are five things a writer would love to receive.


    1. A subscription to Writer’s Digest or Poets and Writers Magazine
      I love keeping up with writer’s magazines and these are two of my favorites, but I sometimes let the subscription lapse. Make sure the writer in your life is getting monthly inspiration in their mailbox with a gift subscription.
    2. A bathrobe and slippers
      Writers have the luxury of being able to work in their pajamas. Keep your writer cozy with a new “work uniform” so if he chooses to work without pants, he’ll have something nice to cover himself up.Image
    3. A mug stuffed with coffee or tea
      It is a well-known fact that writers fuel up on caffeine. Find a fun mug and fill it with your writer’s drink of choice to keep her going.
    4. Yoga Classes
      Sitting at a laptop for long periods of time isn’t healthy and can cause all sorts of back issues. Yoga can help relieve your writer friend’s aching back, help her to stretch and clear her mind with a gift certificate for some yoga classes
    5. A blank journal and a pen
      I don’t know a writer who doesn’t love a brand new notebook or a nice pen. A blank journal gives a writer a fresh start and a world of possibilities.

Writers, what’s on your wish list this year?

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