Labor Day Weekend: The Last Hurrah of Summer

With Labor Day weekend upon us, the end of summer is in sight. Already the days are growing shorter. Soon the mornings will be cooler, and the leaves will begin changing. As much as I love fall, I’m always sad to see summer go.IMG_0455

My husband and I are going camping with family and friends for the weekend. It will be three days of grilling and sitting around the campfire, playing Left, Right, Center. And while I’m looking forward to a few days away, I’m going to miss modern conveniences, mainly, my Keurig.

Fortunately, our family has room for us in their camper. Up until recently, we were going to be sleeping in a borrowed tent without even the minor luxury of an air mattress. Don’t get me wrong, I like camping. I went camping every summer as a kid. But it seems harder in the days of technological dependence to go “off the grid.” At least now I am comforted by the fact that I will have access to a coffee maker and hot coffee every morning.

What modern luxuries do you find hardest to part with?

So until Monday, I will have limited cell service, be cut off from social media and perpetually smell like a campfire. And I will be ready for a long, hot shower.

Enjoy the long weekend!

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend: The Last Hurrah of Summer

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