What I’m Reading: Searching for my next compelling read

I’m on a mission to read as much as possible this year. I’ve been on track reading about three books a month, including audio books, but I’m losing momentum, searching for a book that will move me.

Fly Away Home, Jennifer Weiner

Fly Away Home, Jennifer Weiner

After reading Alice Sebold’s dark and disturbing, Almost Moon, I needed a light read to lose myself in. As a fan of Jennifer Weiner, I picked up Fly Away Home, looking for a page-turner that I wouldn’t be able to put down. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for me with this book.

Fly Away Home follows three women, Sylvie and her two daughters Diane and Lizzie, and their lives in the wake of a sex scandal when it is revealed that Sylvie’s senator husband is having an affair.

While In Her Shoes and Good in Bed were books by Jennifer Weiner that I couldn’t put down, it took me a bit longer to get through this one. The characters and the storyline were interesting, but the pace was slow and ultimately, there just wasn’t enough at stake for me to really be invested in the characters and their outcome. I will continue to read and enjoy Jennifer Weiner’s novels, but for me this one was good, but not great.

And so, I’m back to searching for a book that I can really get into.

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks

I just recently began listening to the audio book version of Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend.  The story is  built on an interesting premise, showing us the hidden world of imaginary friends who can only be seen and heard by the child who imagined them and is told from the perspective of Budo, the imaginary friend of Max. This book reminds me of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, as both books are centered around a young boy on the autistic spectrum.

For my next read, I’m looking forward to picking up Jodi Picoult’s newest release, The Storyteller, in which a New Hampshire baker finds herself in the midst of two Holocaust stories: her grandmother’s story of survival, and the confessions of an elderly German man, an SS officer. I’m hoping this book will be the page-turner I have been looking for.

I’m tracking it all on Good Reads. For more on what I’m reading, you can follow me there.

Are you on Good Reads? What are you reading?

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