NaNoWriMo Day 18

I’d love to share my successes and how great NaNoWriMo is going but the truth is, I’ve fallen way behind. I’m at the point where I’ve written the first several chapters and now I’m not certain where to go next. I’m running out of steam and seem to only be able to write a few hundred words at a time. I’ve started writing the story out of chronological order for the sake of moving forward.  I’m not even to the halfway point and feeling a bit discouraged at my slow progress.

I’m also struggling with tendonitis and some pretty serious pain in my wrist. I’m trying to rest it and take frequent breaks, but that isn’t helping my word count!

Even though I’m now several thousand words behind the goal and not sure I will catch up by November 30th, I’m going to keep writing. I’m going to keep pushing though and hope for a second wind.

I’m going to sit down and write every day because after all, that’s what NaNo is really all about. While the goal of NaNo is to reach 50,000 words, the real reward comes in the habit of daily writing and making the time to write when there seems to be none. And why stop after November 30th? It’s my goal to continue writing every day – no excuses.

Words Written Today: 1,748
Total Words Written: 22,520
Words to Go: 27,480
Percent Complete: 45%

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