Ways to Celebrate National Book Month

Book lovers unite! October is National Book Month!

No matter how busy life gets, I believe we are never too busy to find time to read. Read on your lunch break, read for twenty minutes before bed, read while you wait at the doctor’s office this cold and flu season!

There is still time to celebrate National Book Month. Here are a few ways to celebrate before the month comes to a close:

Visit a Used Book Store
One of my favorite places to find a good book is in a used book store. It’s budget-friendly, and you’ll find everything from the classics, to romance novels, to modern-day bestsellers and more than likely, you’ll find entire shelves dedicated to Danielle Steele, Steven King and other authors who have penned dozens of published works.

Take a trip to the local library
Yes, they do still exist! Brick and mortar buildings that loan good old fashioned printed books! Wander in and browse the shelves for something that catches your eye. It’s free!

Try an Audio Book
Think you don’t have time to read? Try listening to an audio book on your daily commute. I was skeptical at first, and while it’s different from reading a printed or electronic book, it’s still a great way to fit some reading time into your day!

Share the Experience
While reading is typically a solo endeavor, it can be fun to get other book lovers involved in your reading experience. Join a book club! If that sounds too ambitious, pick a book and partner up with a friend. You can get together to share your thoughts before, during and after your read.

Get the Family Involved
Designate an evening or an afternoon where everyone in the household must turn off all electronic devices (with the exception of e-readers) and read a book, then discuss afterward. Read to your children. Take a family trip to the library where everyone has to borrow one book.

What will you do to celebrate National Book Month? Get reading and enjoy!

One thought on “Ways to Celebrate National Book Month

  1. I like all of your suggestions…and I follow them regularly. Seems I always have a book or magazine with me. It’s all about managing your time…wisely.

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